We are a small publishing house –minuscule but muscular, free-thinking and, above all, mobile– operating simultaneously from Santiago de Chile and New York. The texts are written in different places of the world but are conceived in the Big Apple (which we have gripped with our teeth).

Our books are designed in Santiago, but are printed in the amazing instant book-making machine at McNally Jackson bookstore in New York. From there, they travel to different latitudes.

Founded in 2011, Brutas Editoras has three Series, which are both itinerant and permeated by polyglot imaginaries: Crossed Destinations (experiences of a place that is not one’s own), Auto-Graphics (autobiographical graphic novel) and Fresh Fiction (open topic, ranging from short novels to long short-stories). Our aims are literary and non-profit; so far we have no state funding but we are not against it since we firmly believe that good literature should be a constitutional and globalized right.