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“A book in four minutes”, by Juan Villoro. (Read more)

“Express book” by Juan Villoro:
“It all started thanks to Chilean writers Lina Meruane and Soledad Marambio and to Uruguayan bookseller, Javier Molea (McNally Jackson in Spanish). All three live in New York and are willing to put into practice Paul Éluard’s aphorism: “There are many other worlds, but they are all within this one”. In other words, they decided to create a digital platform –stateless and ubiquitous- for Latin American authors. (Read more)

Book launch. (Read more)

Juan VIlloro’s presentation at McNally Jackson bookstore.

Juan Villoro talks about his new book published by Brutas Editoras:

“My stay (in Princeton) had a curious outcome”. The result is called Berlin [Divided], published in the United Stated by Brutas Editoras. The volume is part of a Series of travel books. It was written by Villoro and Argentinean writer Matilde Sánchez, and recreates their stay in the German Capital. “These are two viewpoints of a broken city”, the Mexican author says, “Matilde was in Berlin in 1986 and I was there from 81 to 84. She was in the West and I was in the East”. At the time, Villoro was the cultural ambassador of Mexico in Germany. (Read more)

Berlin (Divided) among the ten best chronicle books chosen by Reforma Newspaper, Mexico. (Read more)

Berlin (Divided)
Juan Villoro’s presentation. (Read more)

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First ad on the book launch (Read more)